Friday, March 27, 2009

Vaughn Palmer REALLY Is Blogging...


Earlier this week, we reported that Mr. Palmer had entered the bloggodome.


There is blogging, and there is blogging (especially on corp-sites).

Me, I figure the real thing is when somebody pays attention to what commenters have to say and then follows up with posts that send the conversation in new and interesting directions.

Mr. P. has already done that with his first two posts. First he first suggested that the currently declared green vote is soft, with the assumption that a considerable portion of it will swing Dipper and tighten things up as election day gets closer (me, I'm not entirely sure about that - and said so in the comments). Mr. Palmer then replied by returning to the Green swing issue and then talked about the (somewhat) more remote possibility of the BC Conservative Party hiving off some Big Red GordMachine votes.

Which could turn out to be a very good thing, indeed, over the next, say, seven weeks or so.

Assuming, of course, that Mr. Campbell doesn't reverse himself (again) and actually does drop the scheduled writ...


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