Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The RailGate 8000......Golden Boy!



It looks like somebody (we don't know who exactly, because their identity is blanked out) told Premier Gordon Campbell the following in March of 2002:

"Now is the time, to maximize the corporate return from the BCR Group of Companies, to reduce the deficit!" a March 12, 2002, e-mail states.

"When should this happen? Now... Move, move, move!" Mr. Campbell is told.

The note adds: "Mr. Premier, CNR is the 'golden boy' of North American Railroads and its President, Mr. Paul Tellier, is 63 years of age. He has (2) years to retirement, and will be seeking a legacy that includes taking over BC Rail. We are living in good times! Lets make the most of it."

Yes, you read the date above correctly.

March of 2002.

Which, of course, was the same year Mr. Campbell was telling British Columbians that he wouldn't 'sell' BC Rail.


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