Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RailGate Lockdown....Run!....Run For Your Electoral Lives!

Apparently MeansNothingVille

Well, whadd'ya know.

According to CKNW, the government of Gordon 'What Me Worry?' Campbell', has suddenly (ie. for no RailGate reasons whatsoever) decided to close down the British Columbia Legislature early:

"It looks like the last BC Legislative session before the provincial election will come to an end tomorrow, a couple of days earlier than expected.

Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong says the House will likely rise for Good Tuesday afternoon, "By the end of tomorrow, the bulk of the legislation has passed, I'm happy about that, a couple of lengthy pieces left that I don't see us getting through with only in only a day or two, so MLA's want to get home, they want to engage with their constituents and get on with the campaign."

One of the bills that will not be passed includes a strengthening of the Police Complaint Commissioner's Office. "

(me: and/or fixing the craptacular piece of legislation that deals with lobbyists and their non-registration)


It looks like today's Question (not answer) Period will be the last time the Opposition will get a chance to throw itself at the Stonewall while the minions scurry off to their hidey-holes behind it.

Guess this is what happens when all the Poodlery suddenly disappears from Victoria's Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Originally had this one timed to go off later, in the afternoon (I usually try to write ahead)....Darn that Sean Holman! He darn well better have the batteries in his DigiCam fully charged...


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