Saturday, March 28, 2009

RailGate Re-Renumerated....Was There An Extra $200,000?



We all know, and it has been fully confirmed by all parties involved, that Gordon Campbell's good friend and former campaign manager, Mr. Patrick Kinsella, received $297,000 to do something or other for BC Rail between 2002 and 2005 (ie. through the entire period when Mr. Campbell sold BC Rail to a company run by another good friend of his, Mr. David McLean).

But did one of Mr. Kinsella's companies actually receive an extra $200,000 from BC Rail to do something that wasn't the same something or other mentioned above that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with bid rigging?

Why do we ask?

Because Gary Mason, in his Globe and Mail column this morning, already did:

".....Who suggested the Crown corporation hire Mr. Kinsella in 2002? What work did he perform for the $297,000 it paid him? It appears BC Rail also paid a $200,000 bonus to Mr. Kinsella's company. Was that a separate payment, and if so, what was it for?...."

Those other questions are pretty interesting too, don't you think?

Just by way of comparison, it's interesting, to me at least, if not, apparently, to folks like the good Mr. Good, that 30,000 fits into 297,000 approximately ten times....and into 497,000 approximately fifteen times......If you get my drift....


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