Monday, March 09, 2009

Ya, But..... Are The 'Gregor Shelters' Actually Working?


There can be no doubt that Vancouver's temporary homeless shelters are helping some folks who really need it.

But what about the flipside of the equation?

You know.....What about the 'It's costing the taxpayers too much money' types or the 'Law and order' denizens who see homeless shelters as a big, bad, bleeding heart waste of resources that could be better spent on fancy sidewalks along the seawall or more firepower.

Well, according to Frances Bula, the latter groups actually like Mayor Robertson's initiative too:

"So far, the shelters have been getting good reviews from the downtown business association and Vancouver police, who are reporting fewer problems with public disorder and fewer calls on mental health issues than the previous January......"

Interesting that, eh?

You help people that need help and the number of problems they cause when they have no help (and often can't help themselves) actually goes down.

What a bizarre concept.

Update: Still slogging through Binder 8 of the Railgate 8000....But it's going to be worth it, I think......Especially if you're interested in reading about how hard some folks worked to 'convince' Premier Campbell that BC Rail 'had' to be privatized to save us all (even from terrorism!) in 2001/2002....


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