Thursday, March 12, 2009

RailGate Going Down........And The Judge's Decision Is?


According to a recent piece by Neal Hall in the VSun, today, Thursday Mar 12, 2009 is the day that Judge E. Bennett is going to decide whether the RailGate defense gets a whole new stack of documents and records.

And what are they this time?

Phone records.

Of a big whack 'o MLA's (up to 25 to be more exact*).

And why would the defense want 'em?

Why, to see if the good folks from the Gov't were talking to any lobbyists for the bidders (real and/or imagined) at the time the BC Rail deal was goin' down.

Stay tuned......

And the Gov't's current position on the matter?...Well they are, of course claiming 'privilege', this time 'parliamentary' as means of suppression, and are instead suggesting that the defence request the records from each individual MLA.....Which would take how long, exactly? Ha!
*Of which at least 23 would have to be Liberal MLAs given that there were only 2, 'not-even-official-opposition' Dippers with seats in the Ledge at the time.


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