Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't Count Your Tweets Before They're Hatched.



Update, Noon Tuesday...E-BC has made it official...It's a 35 vote Dip-Flip in Duckville...Details here.

Elections BC is doing its final counts.

And a whole whack of ridings are still in progress.

Last night, ADix and MFarnsworth were tweeting about a 35 vote turn around victory for Selena Mae Robinson in Coq-Duckville...This was then wurlitzered by CSmith on the GStraight site.

That is not what's up on the E-BC site this morning.

But Ms. Robinson is now officially up by five with the riding still 'in progress'.

E-BC is supposed to post the next update around noon.



Beth said...

Thank you for posting this I've searched this morning on the MSM web sites and not a word about the advanced polling counts.. once again the official press in this province slips back into their coma..

Eleanor Gregory said...

The "advance" votes were counted on election night. This link on the Elections BC website gives stats on the "advanced voting": http://www3.elections.bc.ca/docs/stats/advance-voting-turnout-2013.pdf Elections BC started counted the "absentee votes" yesterday, are counting today and will continue tomorrow if necessary.

RossK said...

Thanks Eleanor.

Beth-- The final counts include absentee and special ballots (ie. like those filled out by the kids from Mr. Eby's campaign that went down to the district office during the writ period, and were hassled by 'srutineers')...It would also include folks who voted either during the advance or on voting day at a polling station that was not their own...Why, I believe that would even include a certain vote (apparently) cast for Margaret MacDiarmid by a certain resident of Vancouver Fairview who first wanted to vote for herself, who was running in Vancouver Pt Grey while she was at a polling station in, I believe, Burnaby...Gosh wonder who she will vote for in the coming Penticton bye-bye...



kootcoot said...

Do you really think she will run in Penticton (which is going to be gerrymandered into MY RIDING, currently held by NDP Alex Atemenko federally). Anywhere OK is hardcore elderly BC Lib or Fed Con. Kelowna has the highest concentration of old folks (many from the fascist province to the east who came here to suck up our sun and health care once they became "takers.") in Canada.