Sunday, May 26, 2013

This Day In Clarkland...The Sparkle Ponies Have Landed.


You remember the Sparkle Ponies...

After all, how could you have possibly missed the Director of Outreach and Faux-Fur Womens' Groups announcement of their conjuring back in the day:


It looks like the ponies have now landed.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the entire herd may have the mange...

From Erik Andersen's latest over at Rafe's place:

"...At the end of fiscal 2012 (one year ago), total provincial liabilities reported by the provincial government were $70.358 billion, or 100% greater than when the Liberal government first came into power. What was even more distressing was the government’s deliberate non-disclosure of “Contingencies and Contractual Obligations”, which the BC Auditor General publicly reported to be $96.374 billion. This liability amount was separate from the $70 billion, as confirmed directly with the Auditor General’s office. These provincial liability values were directly supplied to the four party leaders just following the writ being dropped, so they all knew - but for what ever their reasons, they remained silent..."


In completerly unrelated, tangentially-convergent news from CKNW's Marcella Bernardo the latest shipment of unicorns is, apparently, set to arrive by rail in July:

The waiting game continues for British Columbians, anxious to learn why taxpayers covered $6-million worth of legal fees, to convicted criminals Dave Basi and Bob Virk.

Auditor General John Doyle promised to deliver his findings before he left for a new job in Australia this month. Last month, staff with his office said his long-awaited review could not be released during the campaign for the May 14th provincial election.

Now, they're saying Doyle's final report won't be ready until July...

No word yet if the either of the former conductors, the good Mr. Loukidelis and/or Mr. Whitmarsh, will be there to greet their arrival.

Like all things BC Rail, I realize that the next Sunday Setlist really is a slow train comin'....But it is almost here...In fact, E. is upstairs recording her version of Mr. Cohen's 'Chelsea Hotel No 2' right this minute...



North Van's Grumps said...

Why have one Duff when we can have two... coast to coast .. Pamela Martin for Senator representing British Columbia.... Liberals!

Dana said...

I don't really much care what happens to BC anymore.

There's no point.

If there was another location in Canada with a climate similar to this I'd go there.

BC is in for a very bad few years. Very bad indeed.

Ron S. said...

Sounds like the LIbERalS have the laundry machines ready for Doyle's report. I bet they use super strength for that bit of laundry.

Anonymous said...

Christy's lies and deceit over her part in, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, is really of no surprise. Nor is the theft of our tax dollars, for Christy's lying TV ads.

You bet Canada is a cesspool of corruption, especially in Harper's Cons and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

West End Bob said...

Between harper's destruction on a national level and Chipmunk Cheeks' new mandate to perform the same in BC, "drf" and I may as well have stayed in The Excited States.

It's very depressing to think of BC and Canada today vs. in 2005 when we began the immigration process. Very depressing indeed.

Sadly, Dana's comment hits the mark . . . .

Dana said...

Bob, it's still better here.

No concealed weapons, better and more affordable health care with a longer life expectancy, infrastructure is better maintained and as crazy assed as the Harperites or the Clarkies can get they still can't hold a candle to the Tea Party.

You made the right choice.

West End Bob said...

Dana: Yeah, I know it's still better here.

Wish it hadn't slipped so many points in such a short period of time, tho . . . .