Thursday, May 02, 2013

I Guess Even Boomerangs Can Become Zombies These Days.


Update: At the bottom of the post...

I have already written about what I feel was an unfair BC Liberal Party smear against the NDP candidate in Burnaby-Lougheed, based on the facts at hand so far. 

And I'm not talking about the matter of their unearthing of a single stupid comment from said candidate on an online thread from 11 years ago when the candidate was 21 years of age.

Instead, I'm talking about the calling into question of, and the belittling of the candidate's academic record.

Interestingly, the BC Liberal Party candidate in the riding of Burnaby-Lougheed has since backed away from that part of the smear, which I also noted yesterday.

The thing that I found most surprising about this particular smear is the fact that the BC Liberal Party could just as easily have run the operation against its own candidate in Vancouver-Point Grey given given the way that candidate has prominently described her own academic credentials in the past.

Which is the potential 'boomerang' aspect of the thing.

Unfortunately the boomerang has not been picked up by the proMedia.

As for the Zombie?


It appears that creature was unearthed and released on the body politic by Brian Hutchinson in the NaPo earlier today (see the 2nd half of the piece).


I have heard from a couple of well-meaning readers off-line who are concerned that I've gone too far out on a limb on this one because, to paraphrase, there may be 'something more to this story'....Well, I guess that's possible but, at this point, based on currently available data, I feel the academic credential portion of the smear is, essentially, baseless...And, personally, I am of the opinion that we ignore baseless smears, in the present, at our peril...If what happens in the future proves me wrong I will gladly write a follow-up and return to the posts already written to provide an update based on facts, but not smears (Zombie or otherwise)...
Update: It turns out that a different BC Liberal candidate, Mike de Jong, is now trumpeting the 'graduate' vs. 'candidate' part of the academic credentials smear that the VSun's Jeff Lee fully debunked yesterday....Thanks to an Anon-O-Mouse reader for the heads-up...Interestingly, the de Jong trumpet also demonstrates that it is at odds with the demonstrable facts on a second point when it claims that the 'graduate' portion of the smear had to do with a claim of graduation from medical school at UBC...We demonstrated why this is not even remotely possible yesterday (see the very bottom of the post - neither cell biology nor genetics degrees that are granted at UBC are M.D. degrees, even if they are at the 'doctoral' level)...And please note the tone of the BC Liberal Party Press release that contains Mr. de Jong's trumpeting of the Zombie...Apparently, this kind of thing is all nothing more than a big joke to these people....



Anonymous said...

Remember how BC Liberal Stallion Kash Heed's surrogate's anti-NDP Gabriel Yiu pamphlets smeared for him?

Anonymous said...

Sue for defamation.....