Saturday, May 11, 2013

In These Times, Can Ms. Clark Commit A Revolutionary Act?


It came up the other day when I rode Bob Mackin's most loquacious Twittmachine feed for an hour or so waiting to see what extra, post-Jas Johal doc-release, stuff he had on BC Rail.

And, despite a number of the posts I have written over the last few weeks, the thing that came up over at Uncle Bob's was not something I had expected.

But, as someone who tries to pay attention, it was a thing, in the form of a question, that had been gnawing on my brainstem for quite sometime without my even knowing it.


Here is that thing, I think, that must be asked....


Since the campaign started, has anything of significance uttered or proposed by Christy Clark actually been based on actual facts?


I mean, surely, there must be a few, or even one such thing, right?

So I decided to go hunting for such a thing...

And then, well....

I read the following, in the Dean's latest, this morning:

“I don’t know how many times I’ve had this discussion,” said Clark when asked about the NDP’s six-point lead during a session with The Vancouver Sun editorial board. “I’m going to ask you to go back and look at the 8,000 other comments about the value of the kind of polling that you (media) guys focus on.”

The survey in question was conducted by Ipsos Reid for Global TV and aired on the station’s noontime broadcast, about the same time that the results were relayed to Clark.

“We don’t rely on that type of (publicly available polling) information,” Clark continued. Instead her B.C. Liberals, like other political parties, poll in much greater depth and do so pretty much every day, with the focus on key ridings instead of province-wide results.

Those internal findings have her insisting publicly that the party is still “competitive” with the NDP where it needs to be, in order to win enough seats (43 is the minimum) to secure a fourth term.

During the same editorial board session, she also scoffed at speculation that her own seat might be up for grabs Tuesday. “I’m rolling my eyes right now,” was her reply when that speculation was put to her by a reporter participating via a conference call...


There are still three days to go.

And I guess it is still possible that Ms. Clark will show up at her next presser disguised as  Tania so that she can then proclaim that, in her heart, she has always been a Revolutionary just before she starts firing come clean truth bombs right, left and center about how the Free-Enterprise Liberation Army (and/or MarkyMark) made her do it.


Somehow I doubt it.


Header buggin' you?......Orwell.



Anonymous said...

Over on, The Common Sense Canadian web site. There is the true version of, Christy's views on the Enbridge pipeline. As usual, Christy lied AGAIN. We knew Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

It's pretty hard to miss, Christy works for Harper? After all, Christy hired Harper's henchman Boessenkool, to work for her. Boessenkool had to resign because of his misconduct, while he was very drunk.

Ramesh said...

Who knows if Christy will resort to facts. I don't think she will. The facts have gone against her rhetoric too many times throughout this campaign. But at the same time, she and Adrian Dix seem to be purporting the same message, as I have laid out in my latest blog post at

RossK said...

Had a look Ramesh--

Think you are being a little superficial in both your analysis and your conclusion that the two leaders have the same message.

As for the balanced budget law - it is the sham of it that Mr. Dix and the Dippers are calling out.