Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Up Is Down, And Two Plus Two Equals...

...Christy Clark?

The image, above, is the from the front cover of today's edition of QMI/Sun Media's Lotuslandian commuter rag.

Please note the two little words on the top half of the page directly under the logo.

Please also note how one chunk of that bizarre post-debate Ipsos-Reid flash poll is being used as prop-wash at the bottom.

I mean do the Wizards actually think that British Columbians, Mr Cummins apparently excepted according to Ms. Clark herself, don't know how to use teh Google.


What's next...

A new 30 minute infomercial to tell us that red is actually the new green and that $11 billion deficits are actually eleventy quintillion sparkle mountains out back behind Rossland?

Image of advertorial courtesy Brian Hutchinson's Twittmachine feed.
More on how it appears that the 'other' Clark campaign is going all Rove/Ailes/Atwater all the time, later.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't that just take the cake!!

scotty on Denman said...

Can't wait for Dix to do his own version of Harry Truman and get his own full front page photo holding up this abdication of journalistic integrity for all to see.

Christy can't tell right from wrong...but jeez, kinda stupid to advertise it. Way to go, Christy!

North Van's Grumps said...

"Comeback Kid......" Hamish's quick Retort "Always Running Red Light".

Christy is 47 years old!

Grant G said...

Hack writers, owned by Sun Media, the same clowns who did the "exclusive" Abacus poll..24hours have had articles by Diamond Isinger./.Gordon Wilson.

With no disclosure that they are actively campaigning for the BC Liberals.

I feel sorry for real writer who works there, they too will be tainted with the broad brush..

Simi Sara talked about between 12:35 and 1:00 pm..

Every callers was disgusted, they called the BC Liberals desperate, and called 24hours a news media that sold out all journalistic integrity they had..

Also, the editor of 24 was supposed to appear on Simi`s show and explain their actions...The editor turned tail and backed out at the last minute.

You can`t defend the indefensible.

Ross...The advertisement is not just the front page, it carries on and takes up page 2..

On page 3 is where the real news starts.

RossK said...


An ad's an ad and these commuter rags have track record of selling their front pages.

Heckfire, BTopp even had JLayton do it not long ago.

What really bugs me here is the fact that they are attempting to pass it off as faux News, which would be bad enough even without the fact that it is completely misleading.


macadavy said...

The 'Comeback Kid'?? She ain't never gonna live that one down!