Thursday, May 09, 2013

Is The Real Reason That Ms. Clark Could Win Because Of Codswallop...

...Like That Just Published By Macleans Magazine?

Macleans has just posted a piece titled '10 Reasons Why Christy Clark Could Actually Win The B.C. Election' under the byline of Nancy MacDonald.

Here is a chunk Ms. MacDonald's top reason:

1. Clark’s highly effective campaign

The (BC) Liberals have managed to frame the conversation on fiscal and economic issues—taxes, government spending and major projects like pipelines, liquefied natural gas and fracking—on which they are strong. That makes the NDP, who promise to increase taxes and government spending, show little to no interest in balancing the budget, and oppose resource mega-projects look like a risky choice...


Just go back and read that bit again before we move on....


Do you see where I'm  about to go  here?

Specifically, do you see that every single one of the BC Liberal 'strengths' listed by Ms. MacDonald  are, in reality, actually great weaknesses.

Taxes - Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals have indicated that they will be raising taxes recently.

Government Spending - It is Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals who have overspent more in the last two years than any other British Columbia Premier/Government, ever.

Pipelines - It is Ms. Clark who has done nothing whatsoever but grandstand on the matter of pipelines.

LNG and Fracking - It is Ms. Clark and her minions who have given us nothing but Trillion Dollar Sparkle-Ponies and non-existent Prosperity Funds that she says she will used fix her massive overspending and even more massive, unacknowledged real debt of approximately $180 billion sometime, somewhere in the future.

Budgets - Throughout the campaign, including in both the radio and television debates Ms. Clark lied, repeatedly, with malice aforethought, about her budget.



What does this actually mean, especially given that Ms. MacDonald goes into full BC Liberal Party (built on the public dime) attack website mode with that 'risky choice' descriptor of the NDP thing at the very end?

Well, in my opinion, it means that it is codswallop like this piece in Macleans magazine which enable Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals to say that white is black, and up is down, and 2 + 2 = 180,000,000,000 that is the real reason that she is not polling at negative infinity at the moment.




North Van's Grumps said...

And did you know that the Deputy Editor of MacLean's magazine, Anne Marie Owens, was the reporter who ... reported on the Adrian Dix memo.. for the National Post, way back then.

This information is readily available in ANY public library Digital content in Canadian Newspapers!

And that Anne Marie Owens allowed her piece of fluff to stand in place for a recently deceased attack blog called...... wait.... wait.... CC4BC's Jim Shepard.

Is MacLean's part of the backers for the BC Liberals 801 Club?

Has MacLeans Magazine been concocting the news to suit their needs, for more readers?

kootcoot said...

MacLeans in recent years has become as, or more, reich wing than the old Byfield publications like BC Report (or Reporter) and the Alberta Version. MacLean's is just a little glossier but with editorials by the Lord Black of Crossdressing harridan wife and other philosophical dinosaurs, it is hard to compare the modern MacLeans to the magazine of years past.

Maybe the reason the Byfeld empire of magazines collapsed is they got too much right wing competition from the so called MainStream publications after corporate mergers eliminated publications of the middle or left!

Remember, except for the Toronto Star EVERY major Canadian daily endorsed Steven Harper for fuhrer in 2011!