Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ice Bomb Bridge Revisited...They Knew.


And  even though they knew they pushed ahead with the Premier's pre-Christmas 'Quick Win' photo-op and opened the bridge, regardless.

Bob Mackin has the story, and it is backed with a 500 page FOI blizzard in which many folks voiced their concern and repeatedly asked about protocols and standing operating procedures to deal with ice build up that were never resolved and led one official to scribble the following in the margins of a memo:

..."(B)ut that could still fall into traffic!"...

And the exclamation point is most definitely NOT mine.


Interestingly, a weather station that facilitates early warnings to prevent damage, injury and, potentially, death wasn't purchased until February, some two months after the fact.

The cost of said station?


Which, of course, means that they could have bought one hundred of the things and still had enough left over to buy 20,000 separate Christmas and/or Holiday gifts for the most needy of kids in the Province's care...

All for the cost of one completely bogus Bollywood Awards show that has most definitely not been watched by 400 million people.

And that 20,000 number is, unlike, say, what Ms. Clark likes to do so much, not just made up out of whole cloth.



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