Sunday, May 12, 2013

If It's Sunday She Must Be Lying.


In response to a reporter's direct question about her party's full page ad in the Victoria Times Colonist that explicitly called on the voters to support Jane Sterk in an apparent effort to split the enviro/left vote in South Van Isle ridings where the Green Party support is highest, the leader of the (so-called) BC Liberal Party said the following to Global News:

...“Well the ad was intended to endorse us,” said Clark. “I think the point that we were making in that, I mean for me, as I said in the debate, I disagree with Jane Sterk on almost everything, but I respect the fact that she’s prepared to take a stand on things. She’s got guts, she’s willing to stand up for what she believes in, and I try and do the same thing. I try and stand up for what I believe in, even though people may disagree with me, because I think people want leaders who are straightforward and who are strong enough to stand up.”...

And people are seriously prepared to vote for this woman who has a compulsion, to the very end, to babble on in completely nonsensical word salad-based gobbledygook that actually argues against an outright lie she just uttered three seconds ago?


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Grant G said...

Grant G said...

Bill Bennett Bill Bennett ‏@KootenayBill 12h

Watching Martyn Brown lie with a straight face on CTV QP brings back 10 years of bad memories with him Sleazy then Sleazy now #bcpoli
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Martyn Brown Martyn Brown ‏@BCMartynBrown 11h

@KootenayBill Your comments are exactly why you guys are in trouble. People are tired of republican politics. They want substance #BCpoli

RodSmelser RodSmelser ‏@RodSmelser 24m

@BCMartynBrown @KootenayBill Mr Brown, some feel your presence on CTV QP today did not provide balance. Can you say why you were chosen?
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RossK said...

Crazy stuff grant.

But, of course, not surprising (see election eve post).