Monday, May 06, 2013

The Continuing Cost Of The BC Liberals' Griftopia, Inc...The Casino-Industrial-Complex


In case you missed it, the Casino-Industrial-Complex next to BC Place in downtown Lotusland is on again.


And Sandy Garossino has broken down the deal in an attempt to determine the true costs to taxpayers going forward (which is tough given how much secrecy surrounds the thing).

The upshot is that Ms. Garossino figures that the additional future costs will be at least $400 million dollars based on the current 'rules'.


"... (S)omebody's crossing their fingers behind their back, ready to force a huge mega-casino expansion on Vancouver after the provincial election. That's about the only way the public's not going to lose its shirt on this deal..."

But, of course, the fine folks running the BC Liberals' Griftopia, Inc would never say one thing right before an election and then do precisely the opposite after said election.

Would they?

And why do I stress that the $400 million will be an 'additional' cost of our paying for Griftopia's latest boondoggle?....Well.... I am of the opinion, based on the evidence available so far, that the $500 million, plus, we already spent for the renovation and roof replacement for BC Place were actually incurred, at least in part, to make the Casino-Industrial-Complex possible....



Chinese Sneakers said...

Really appreciate you posting this story.


Hugh said...

BC needs gambling revenue. People need to gamble more. There should be slot machines in schools.

RossK said...


It's a story that needs to be fully told.

And fully told BEFORE the election.



And what about day care centers?


cfvua said...

Yes this needs to be out front. Not tellling how much will it cost and the examples of not telling the truth prior to election are standard liberal operating procedure. What is it that these people can't run with the facts?