Sunday, May 05, 2013

What If...

...Ms. Clark Spelled Her Last Name Wrong On Purpose?

Laila has the story of a traffic accident that Ms. Clark was involved in that was settled out of court just before the election campaign began.

Which, given that Ms. Clark apparently rear-ended someonw, may or may not say something of significance given all that reckless red light stuff we learned about last weekend.

But that is neither here nore there.

Because the part of the story that I found most interesting was the following:

...Court documents show Christine Joan Clarke and Mark Allan Marissen admitted in the course of legal discussions that Clark did hit the car, but disputed the injuries of the plaintiff among other items. It was countered that the plaintiff was also negligent and contributed to any resulting injuries suffered from the accident. Court staff confirmed the defendant was Christy Clark in 2011, when the story was first reported because of a difference in the spelling of her name on the documents...

In addition, Laila followed-up with the following, in the comments:

...The statement of claim for the plaintiff showed Christina Clarke, the Defence showed Christine Clark...

Now, why is this interesting?


It turns out that someone Ms. Christina(e) Clark(e) apparently only met once at a Helijet Pad, or some such thing, also added an extra letter to his name in the wake of the public discovery that he had involved in something that, perhaps, he didn't want folks to stumble upon with a quick Google search.

If you get my drift.


Laila says she hopes to have more on the mysterious change in spelling soon....You might want to keep an eye out over at her place...



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