Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The First Order Of Business In My Own Private 8:01 Club Will Be Announced At...

...Well, you know.

(when, I mean).

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Bob Mackin thinks he's hearing the sounds of desperation ringing out from the dinner table deep within the BCL bunker....



Dana said...


kootcoot said...

I'm trying to decide whether to move to Nova Scotia, Newfounland or even the USA (Oregon or Hawaii). I can't stand to be this disappointed once every four years to find out yet again that I live surrounded by crazy people and exploited by crooks posing as government.

There must be somewhere where a LITTLE bit of accountability is still required and CRIME DOESN'T PAY, or at least not as well and routinely.

RossK said...


Sorry to keep you all hanging.



Good friend of mine likes to mangle HST re: the Beaver State:

"When the going gets weird the weird move to Oregon."


kootcoot said...

In Oregon folks worry about getting Californicated.....mostly folks that moved up from California!

I like Oregon and have friends and family there.

macadavy said...

I donno ktct, friends @ Breintenbush tell me Oregon is America's Canada - go figure!