Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Morning Ride.

Purposefully went by my favourite H(a)eymen Corner on the way in to work this morning...


George Heyman's win last night was interesting, I think,  because it kind of went against the grain. After all, it occurred in an affluent riding where the BCL was supposed to be golden, and Mr. Heyman is both a former labour leader and a greeniacal grand poo-bah to boot. Additionally, Heyman was the guy the Globe took a run at in its bizarre editorial late last week.

And then there is the following to consider  (as one of our readers noted off-line last week after it was telegraphed, on camera, in that advance polling station conflaguration)....

Vancouver Fairview, where Mr. Heyman defeated Therapeutics Initiative killer Margaret MacDiarmid, may very well have been the bye-bye site of choice for the personally-defeated Christy Clark.


Where will the defeated-one decide to run in a by-election now?

I mean, does she and hers have the juice to force Andrew Wilkinson to step down from the safest of safe seats in the province?

Or will it be Stillwell?

After all, it's not like the defeated-one could finally administer the coup-de-grace upon the scalp of  Smilin' Sammy, given his big win down by the water (not to mention the fact that it would be cruel and unusual punishment for the Spam-A-Lotteers who may finally be in line for gainful employment once again).

And as for Fraserview where a member of Ms. Clark's Parachute-Club, Suzanne Anton, just managed to squeak in?

Well, in a bye-bye there would be no grand bogey-man for them to play against.

Which means that if she did go head-to-head with Gabriel Yiu, it is actually possible that Ms. Clark could lose.

Then again...

I guess there is always Kelowna...

Why is it my favourite corner of the Heyman variety?...Well, the sleeves off of those signs kept disappearing...And, within a day or so, they would be back...It was a real exercise in perseverance by the folks who live behind that hedge.
Apologies for the delay in the appearance of the next setlist...E. and I didn't get so far last night...And e. actually really got into chasing the numbers now that she understands who the thing really works (which may or may not be a good thing)...
Update: Gosh...Forgot about the Sultan-Of-Swing...Ya, Ralph'd probably do it...



Anonymous said...

Feller and I had an amusing conversation in the aftermath. What if cc lost every by-election she ran in? The questions you raise about where she could possibly run, makes for even more interesting speculation.


RossK said...


All snark aside, I'm sure they'll go super-safe, regardless.

Did the outcome from afar seem as bizarre as it did from here?


Anonymous said...

Bizarre doesn't even begin to cover it. This is the first time I have actually felt physically sick from an election result.

I have to be honest, I am terrified of what we will come home to when we finally return.

You know the concept - you've gone away for the weekend and come home to the house completely destroyed and officially condemned because the kids had an out of control party.

Of course, I only knew the kids had had a party because the house was always cleaner when I got home than when I left. If only this were going to be the case for me politically.

On the positive front:

Looking forward to moving to the Netherlands next month. We may end up being a 3 bike family - commuter bikes for feller and me, and a cargo bike so feller can transport the doggie on outings instead of taking the car.

We are moving to where the bike is second only to pedestrians. The advice we were given by everyone we spoke to - if you don't want your bike stolen, make sure your lock costs more than your bike!


RossK said...


I hear you re: the wave of illness...

Bikes are proliferating around our house like crazy.

Have fun in Dutchland!

(and we need more locks too)