Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The 'New' BC Liberals....Do They Only Smear Those That Spurn Them Most?


You may have heard how a BC Liberal Party surrogate named Dr. Kenneth Fung, who is also the Chair of Premier Christy Clark's 'Chinese Community Advisory Panel' recently called up a local radio station, gave a fake name, and then smeared a Dipper candidate named Frank Huang over his past political affiliations by essentially employing a variation of the old 'Are you now or have you ever been a member of the....?' accusation.


Regardless, the egregiousity of the smear itself, especially given what folks like Mr. Huang, who once lived and worked in Mainland China, had to do/join to make a living there, the following, from Ian Bailey's Twittmachine feed, has just emerged:


Let me see if I've got this straight, based on the evidence currently at hand....

First, you try and recruit someone to your political party.

Second, when they do not take you up on your offer you smear them.

Third, you commit the smear while pretending to be someone you are not, presumably in an attempt keep people from connecting said smearing to the political party you are affiliated with.

Sure sounds like the 'new' BC Liberals to me.

Of course, it also sounds like the time has come for someone to ask the leader of those new BC Liberals, especially given all that we have already learned about the ethnic 'quick wins' strategy that was being run out of that leader's government office, the following...

"Do you have no sense of decency madam?"

Can't remember where you've heard that simple question before (with a different gender emphasis) and how it helped turn the tide against vicious, anti-democratic/free society smears based on past political affiliations in the past?....Well...This.



Anonymous said...

Basi-Virk agreement now public and it's clear that their guilty plea is linked to their release from indemnity for the legal fees. This should be shouted from the rooftops and De Jong et al should be skewered by the media. I alsmost feel like taking up a pitchfork and warming up the tar and feathers...

Warren White
Gordon Head

RossK said...

Thanks Warren.


Anonymous said...

Communists from China who come here usually vote right wing. Anyways as long as they agree with the privilege to vote. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Why does the NDP leave such work to their star left winger .
One day she will have a meltdown although that I would love to see.

North Van's Grumps said...

Hmmmm.... Vancouver's Chinese population is close to 30% = 168,215

British Columbia's Chinese population is close to 10% = 432,435

Of those totals, ONLY one was a member of the Communist Party???

Brian Hutchinson ‘I love Canada’: B.C. NDP candidate denies accusation he is an ‘underground member’ of Chinese communist party

Anonymous said...

Yes I am stupid and I'm good at it but trying to be a contrarian to NP or sun news