Sunday, May 05, 2013

What If...

...The Puffed-Up Punditry Actually Started Calling Her On It?


What is the latest re-eruption of a blatant, bald-faced, oft-repeated lie....

Well, apprently, according to the Canadian Press...

It is the claim that Adrian Dix wants to steal your baby's money!

Which, I guess, means that the Wizard's no longer feel the need to restrict this particular lie to the non-English language media.

Of course, no mention of the fact, in the CP story linked-too above, that the NDP has a plan to actually begin to deal with British Columbia's Clark/Campbell government-generated child poverty travesty in concrete terms.


Of course, none of it really matters.

Because this is all just a silly game, anyway, right?


You know....

"We all say things when we are trying to get elected."

And, speaking of an absence of truth telling...It would appear that even Ms. Clark(e)'s spelling of her own last name may be an issue...Shades of Eric Bornman(n)?...



Anonymous said...

BC Liberal lying is not new. Better to bust BC Liberal lies they've already told before (like Clark's "e" to Bornman's "n") than to waste valuable campaigning time with new lies, y'know, trying to figure out whether they're lies, lie-lies or lie-lie-lies.

Bill said...

Don't think the puffed up and now on a roll MSMudders are going to let up on the deflective spin and start reporting the glaring untruths that Christy rattles off at her Liberal friendly electioneering whistle stops.

So far Christy has been too busy reminding all of us how evil and incompetent the job-killing, flip-flopping, evil NDP are. With that narrative there is no time for her to detail any costed, timely and believable Liberal programs, not that the Liberals seem to really have any. So far it is just fear attacks, sparkle ponies and photo ops.

That photo in the Province this morning of Christy screwing the stud at the Penticton Britco portable building assembly plant was kinda ironic. If she gets back in we can expect even more portable classrooms in Surrey and throughout BC. Great for Britco and the plant workers but not so good for our students a sad state of priorities in education under these carpet baggers. They seem to enjoy their brand of politics... not so much democracy.

Sorry for the rant and negativity Ross. I am not wishing her Liberals a 4-peat.

RossK said...


Kinda/sorta Googleplexian spelling 'mistakes' post comin....

RossK said...

No worries Bill--

Hit me hard on Friday also.


Anonymous said...

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their province, to paraphrase the man.

If you are legally able, march yourself down to your local campaign office and pitch in. Take a friend. I think the good(ish) side is in need of more bodies.

No more sitting on the sidelines, friends. Time to pick a side, else we wake up on May 15 with a very bad result indeed.

scotty on Denman said...

Christy had a bit of trouble articulating how Dix was stealing candy from babies, her smooth, unflinching, bald-faced delivery failing momentarily while cynical purpose accidentally bubbled through the intended sloganeering. She seemed momentarily flustered--I guess when she realized the words coming out of her mouth made it sound like babies had actual cheques in their little hands; then she felt she had to remind,"...that we gave them..." unintentionally reinforcing an image of babies with cheques-- only now alerting that the cheques are actually an election promise, as immaterial as any other promise, and as unlikely as any BC LIberal one. And then she bobbles the allusion of parents keeping those fabled cheques "in their own pockets" but leaves ambiguous exactly who would be spending these imaginary notes right now, "on their own pet projects": the babies splurging on nipples, perhaps?... or the parents on, say, increased ferry fares or medical insurance premiums?... or the NDP, her intended victim?

A missed punch saps more energy than a landed one, taxing even the Princess Warrior's most daring mendacity.