Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This Just In...Christy Clark Tells The CP That It Doesn't Matter If She Is...

...Just Making Stuff Up.


The front page ad she and hers ran on the front of 24 Hrs today was just an ad, and it was clearly stated that it was an ad.

Therefore, according to the logistical pretzels stuck deep within her amygdala at least, Ms. Clark really did win the TeeVee debate the other night.

So there:

...The ad, placed on the front page of the free daily, shows a photo of a triumphant Clark underneath the words "paid advertisement" and it also shows poll figures that indicate Clark is perceived to have sounded most like a premier during the televised leaders debate earlier this week.

The full poll by Ipsos Reid is not referenced in the newspaper ad, but it isn't as flattering as the ad would suggest.

The online results show of the 677 British Columbians surveyed, more people thought Dix had won the debate than Clark and a wide majority thought Dix had better ideas than Clark.

Clark says the front page ad was for sale and her party bought it, adding the fact that it's advertising is clearly marked on the page...


There you have it.

Her party bought it...

As a result, we're supposed to swallow its codswallop, whole.

Except, it turns out that the people of British Columbia do know how to reflexively gag when something is being shoved down their throats and use the Google at the same time.




Grant G said...

Breaking news...Vancouver Sun seat projection based on all the polling..

BC NDP 60 seats

BC Liberals 23 seats

2 independent seats

Pro Business, pro BC Liberal Vancouver Sun is predicting 60 seats for the NDP..23 seats for Libs, they also have Christy Clark losing her seat in point grey, losing by a wide margin, their predictions all based on polling.

RossK said...

Thanks Grant.


Paul said...

Postmedia eliminates publisher positions as part of restructuring

RossK said...

Saw that Paul - thanks.

Looks like their lopping of heads now too.


Anonymous said...

More like BC's for sale (open for business a porn term) and only I can facilitate this (pay the traitor) investment (Chinese blood money) . Even reform-a-cons would be more reluctant