Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ms. Clark Goes To Steepleton.


Our intrepid mid-Valley political party volunteer Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, who began the campaign working for either four or seven candidates, I'm not entirely sure which (regardless, the actual number has since dropped precipitously for various and assorted sundry reasons), was at a stump stop for the leader of the BC Liberal Party yesterday: 

Yesterday I had to attend Christy Clark's visit to Steepleton. When asked to attend I asked the campaign's volunteer leader, "Don't the toilets need cleaning out?"...

{snippety doo-dah}

...When I got to the once empty new car showroom, a pretty good a metaphor for the Liberal's election platform, I found the stage already set up, flanked by a PA system big enough for two KISS concerts. If the Liberals spent half as much of their gunnysacks of money on bullsh*t like big PA systems for people who do want to hear a f*cking word of what their leader says and spent it developing ideas and policies people might actually believe maybe they would not have had her visiting a once solid Liberal seat such as Steepleton South with four days left in the campaign...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

.... There were about a hundred people there, probably less. I wondered if I was the only person there who was not a paid movie extra.



Go Moe Go!

As for the absinthe?....Well, you'll have to go read the entire thing to get that...But just to be absolutely clear, Beer made absolutely no mention of either Ibogaine or Boo-Hoo trains....
As for the image at the top of the post?....Well, the junior Segrettis stoppin' by will just have to ask the Wizards of West Annexerly Place with the grey hair about that.



Mark said...

If there were 100 movie extras, then for once CC has supported the BC Film industry!

Mark said...

I always thought absinthe made the heart grow fonder?

RossK said...


Double Clark Ha! Ha!