Friday, May 03, 2013

What If...

...The BC Liberals Win?

First off...

I'll get to what it I think it would mean for how the province would actually be governed later.

But for now, just concentrating for the moment on what such an outcome would mean for the next half dozen or so elections in British Columbia.....

I very much agree with what Charlie Smith of the GStraight has to say:

"...If the B.C. Liberals win, the message to future candidates will be to raise as much money as you can from any and all sources, and then go thermonuclear on their opponents. Otherwise, you'll lose.

Or do voters want to give Dix a chance, ensuring that there will be a ban on corporate and union donations?

This will take some of the big money out of politics, which funds the character assassination that some voters have become inured to.

So far, Dix has taken the high road, as has B.C. Green Leader Jane Sterk.

If Dix ends up being punished for this by losing, we probably won't see this for another generation in a B.C. election campaign from one of the front-running parties.

Politics would be further debased in this province, and for that, we would only have ourselves to blame..."

That really is it, don't you think?

Because, after all, if The Wizards of West Annexerly Place show everyone around here that all you need to win is anonymized big money at the front end, a penchant to constantly wurlitzer any and all smears (no matter how trivial, old, or vicious), and a willingness to tell bald-faced lies with sparkly teeth shining bright at all times (and to repeat said lies over and over again even when caught out)....


We will deserve what we get.

Won't we?



chuckstraight said...

People get what they deserve, and also deserve what they get. It astounds me that the polls are "tightening up". Are people actualy so stupid that they want to have more of BC given away.

Anonymous said...

Guess retirement will be sooner than I thought and I'm out of BC if this corrupt, lying bunch get back in.
Anything, would be better than the BC lieberals.

RossK said...


Interesting question.

Unfortunately, I don't think most folks actually pay close enough attention to understand how much is being given away, and how that give away will likely continue, unabated, if the same old 'new' BC Liberals do manage to lie and smear their way to a win.

Even more unfortunately, because they are so focussed on the horse race rather than the actual issues, it seems that the major opinion makers of Lotusland are not willing to help folks understand that.


It was most decidedly NOT those same opinion makers who helped average British Columbians come to understand that the HST was a tax shift onto the backs of those felt it most.


RossK said...


I must confess that I shudder to think what would happen myself

In fact, I've been putting off writing about that because, up until this morning I really didn't think we had to.

Think about the possibility, I mean.

Guess it might actually be time to assemble that Grift-O-Meter thingy...


Grant G said...

My post updated, based on the latest Ipsos Reid poll released tonight..the biggest number..

Kyle Braid states the NDP still have a 20% percentage point lead with female voters!!

Meaning no movement, full details in my updated 0post.

NDP: leading 48% to 28% on Vancouver island

41% to 32% for the ndp in the interior, a 9% percentage point NDP lead

Metro Vancouber..NDP leading 47% to 39%

The BC Liberals have moved up according to Kyle Braid, at the expense of John Cummins


RossK said...

Thanks Grant.


persey said...

If, and I have to believe it's a remote if, the Lieberals get re-elected then we will be shown to be a province that wants to be governed by tits, glitz, and outright lies.

There will have been enough people who have believed the oft repeated lies and given them some veracity.

Makes you wonder if there shouldn't be some kind of intellectual means test in order to receive the privilege of a ballot.

James King said...

I leave for Paris with the NDP in a 19 - 20 point lead and now you're talking the Libs might win!

What the hell happened?

Grant G said...

Anonymous said...

Lib win? Not going to happen. BS is scare tactics.


Dana said...

There will be a lot of oddly disassociated young people wandering the streets of BC on the morning of May 15.

"Geez, I meant to go vote and like just got like distracted and like forgot like and now look..."

Or maybe they won't even notice.

Till the're 30 and still can't find full time work.

Maybe then they'll connect some dots.

RossK said...

Thanks Everyone--

Of course, you can ignore the latest from Abacus and Forum if you like...And you can feel free to go all in on the Justason poll as well...


To ignore the fact that the latest from AReid and IReid show a halving of the Dipper lead in the last few weeks would, in my opinion, be crazy.