Sunday, May 19, 2013

More On The New Rovians Of The Lotuslandian Sage.


Well, well, whadd'ya know.

Christy's $10K per month plumber put together the final attack ad just before Crony Capitalist Tuesday.

NVG has the story.

Meanwhile, Alison is keeping score on the federal front.


How low to do you have to sink to win in this country these days?

In the 'who really cares' Dept....
MSmyth of The Province says he has seen the numbers/correspondence, properly date-stamped I'm sure, that says the New Rovians really did have numbers before CCTuesday...Apparently, according to Smyth (and a few 'Bams!' from Dmitri the Liberal), it came down to a rise for them among old folks and a total collapse of the gender split...So...Women broke for Christy....Really....The one thing I really find interesting about this is how the New Rovians all seem to point back to the debates as the big, big turning point...Clearly, the post-debate spincycle trumped and totally subverted reality...Guess that flash poll, which Paul Willcocks and I discussed here, really only did give a momentary 'skin deep' assessment of all that was later spinnable.


Anonymous said...

Looks like there was a big well-played effort by the Liberals to bring their vote out and suppress the NDP leaners. Of course Dix gave no compelling vision for leaners to vote for him.

Now the Liberals are spinning that it was a lock and they had it in the bag from the get go. They probably had a win but a close win, and now they just want to keep anyone from looking at election "tactics"including:
* how the media was used as campaign advertising in many ridings across the province on e-day, lots of media outlets giving Liberal only "interviews" and showing footage of Glen Clark being arrested (on e-day!!)
* tweeting by Liberal candidates on e-day
* ethnic scrutineers leaning on voters as they came into vote
* Liberal scrutineers heavily challenging NDP votes (e.g. Eby and Heyman's ridings and the very slow poll counts)

Perhaps most importantly:
* BC Elections had a very confusing advance vote vs absentee vote process. There may be lots of NDP votes in the absentee vote (to be counted May 27). I don't think it will change the election results but worth paying attention to with scrutineers from all parties.


RossK said...

Thanks otr--

Can you tell us what, exactly was going on, late, in Fairview and Pt. Grey?


paul said...

It would have been interesting to have replicated the flash poll 72 hours later and see how opinions had shifted. Most people, especially undecided voters, would likely be influenced by other's perceptions. That's not unreasonable. I've done columns on leaders' debates with an hour to file, and thus no time for talking to other people about the event, and wondered if my perceptions were shared by anyone else.
Hondurans ask about corruption in Canada. Nothing like Honduras, I say.
But what about a system where people lead election campaigns, then make big money seeking favourable treatment for clients from the government they helped elect? What about the implicit threat that they might not work on the campaign next time if they are unhappy with decisions?
This is not a partisan issue. If the NDP had won, the situation would be the same.

Hugh said...

I'm going to wait for LNG export to make us all super-rich and debt-free.



Are we rich yet? Where are the $trillions?

Leah said...

Sorry, if MSmyth said black was black I'd have to check it thrice. He used to have integrity...something I've seen precious little of from him for a very long time. On the other hand, water carrying seems to come naturally...shame. But, he's not alone in the BC media. Now that they've all been very effectively castrated by Christy and their editors...the papers aren't fit to line cages, and online editions are a waste of bytes. Weep for BC.

cfvua said...

Didn't see any huge gains in BC companies on the stock market, so maybe we have been had as has been mentioned elsewhere. No big announcements from any either. Probably not ready as they are more surprised than anyone that the Dippers lost. Liberals also being surprised, won't have a plan either. Will need work in order to pay off some of that debt. Any bets on who will be appointed Minister for Making BCRail Go Away Forever?. Which will be a high profile posting as we will no doubt have to pay others with knowledge, like Basi and Virk to be silent. And the cost of silence is quite high these days. Now that the precedent has been set will we be on the hook for legal fees regardless of pleadings?? Yes I know the rules have been changed, but really, when did the rules matter to the liberals??

North Van's Grumps said...

Here we are rummaging around the District of North Vancouver Public Library.... on line... and this quote looms into view:

Corelli, Adam. The Whig - Standard [Kingston, Ont] 14 Sep 1987: 1.

Among some of his not-fit-for-broadcast comments that kept his audience in stitches:

"Gary Hart only made one mistake: He didn't allow Teddy Kennedy to drive (Donna Rice) home."

"The idea of a journalist wanting to be a politician is like a jockey wanting to be a horse."

"Things are so bad in the Liberal caucus they are stabbing each other in the front."
DUFFY: image-conscious

Now it's the Conservatives Senators turn to do the stabbing et tu Brute.....