Friday, May 10, 2013

The Endorsement I've Been Waiting For.


From The Georgia Straight:


Jane Shin (NDP)
Shin, who moved to Canada from South Korea as a child, has come under waves of criticism from the B.C. Liberals for calling herself a doctor, even though she graduated from medical school. She’s an articulate, caring, and hard-working candidate who will probably be a far better representative than the soon-to-retire B.C. Liberal incumbent, the hapless Harry Bloy.

Why?....Well, this....And this too.........Not to mention this as well....  OK?



Chris said...

Woe. Who knew the Straight would turn out to be the voice of calm, reason, civility and political logic?
I must be getting old.

Chris said...

Opps. That should have said wow... not woe.

RossK said...

Thanks Chris and Eleanor.


Grant G said...

Speaking of endorsements, this one is..


RossK said...



There are lies, dumb lies, and bogus polls.

And then there is the Globe's Editorial page.

Speaking of bogus polls designed to push....


...All that way, way outlier Strat Counsel polls commissioned by the Globe that came out just before the 2005 election that had the Gord up by, what was it... 13?