Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Old Man Is Down The Road, Up Around The Bend (And In Your Head)


You want to get to know John Fogerty?

I mean really get to know him.


Go listen to Maron's massive, rambling, shambolically fantasmagoric running through the jungle of all interviews with him.



Mr. Fogerty plays his songs with everyone, for everyone, on his new record that just came out today.

And, no.

He still doesn't own them.

The songs I mean.


(That rocking above sure as heckfire ain't an old man out busking with his kids.... But it sure does look to be almost as much fun)



kootcoot said...

I loved how John was able to come up with so much great new material, that sounded just like him when he refused to perform or record his old CCR stuff.

"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play"

RossK said...



And if you go listen to the interview you will learn the hows and whys...You'll also learn how those two kids on the stage with him helped him to get past the egregiosity of his not actually owning even a chunk of his back catalog.