Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Own Private 8:01 Club: It Would Appear That, Like Traffic Laws, The Current Premier Believes...

...That The Election Act Of British Columbia Does Not Apply To Her.


Update 11:00pm Tuesday....Well, that was most interesting/disturbing...Guess it really is going to be my own Private Idaho for awhile...Going to be interesting to think this one through because I, for one, am not going anywhere...Really did think that the song below was going to be a farewell for a now bygone era though...Clearly, I was way wrong about that...Thing is, the other stuff, the stuff that actually matters (much of which is in the lyrics of said song)....Well, you and I both know that we are not wrong about any of that...OK?

From Andrew MacLeod's Twittmachine feed on the afternoon of May 14th, 2013:


It is my opinion that the sending out such a press release to the proMedia essentially constituted an election advertisement from a specific candidate campaigning in a specific riding...

On election day.



And now....

You will have to excuse me for for the next little while.

Because I'm going to take my mind off the mayhem for the time being by making some music with my kid this evening.

And if you, dear reader, feel the need to take a break from it all over the next couple of hours yourself?


You can always listen to a tune E. and I recorded about this time last year... It's a re-worked version of an old Phil Ochs tune (thanks for the idea Beer!) that he, himself, re-worked some 40 years ago for all the right reasons...Anyway, I hope our version is truer than ever 'round about midnight in the here and now.


And, speaking of numbers and aggregates and all that...The last Sunday Setlist has now been listened to more than six thousand times...You all do know that I can't even process that...Right?



Anonymous said...

Resign NDP you let the people down worst campaign ever, told ya get the youth vote out, losers. You do not deserve to govern if you couldn't beat the liberals on their own record....shame....losers!

RossK said...

Hey Anon--

You yellin' at me?


Anonymous said...

The numbers don't add up? Dumb voters or electoral fraud!

Anonymous said...

Received a Dan Ashton / BC Liberal flyer in the mail today (May 14) - does that violate the Act?

James said...

The old school blue at heart dippers whipping up anger against Bollywood sure worked wonders in Surrey and the 'ethnogate' (stop the gates classification already it hurts the NDP more i.e people remember casinogate) label got the NDP a lot more seats in central/south Van, Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Pitt meadows, yeah right!!!

Oh by the way the only person that looks good tonight is CAROLE JAMES. The biggest mistake was dumping an articulate and feisty leader that grew the party from almost no seats to 36(even some of those were lost in today's 'time for a change' election). Bring her back already!!!

macadavy said...

I hear you James, she's a righteous lady and the good folks of James Bay are lucky to have someone so fine to represent them (why d'ya suppose she was re-elected?)
(I was takin' a break watching Raffi & Strombo - OK now I feel better!)
So where's the link to E & you? (Not that I mind ol'Phil)

Kim said...

There's nowhere to run to anyways. I'm still in shock.