Monday, May 06, 2013

Griftopia, Inc. (ctd.)....Small Claims Division.


David Bratzer, writing on his blog, has an update about the assessment of the building that houses BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster's constituency office (and see, image, above):

"...Back in January, I filed a complaint regarding the 2012 assessment of the Vernon-Monashee MLA constituency office. The office in question is located at 3209 31 Ave in Vernon (it was purchased by Kalview Park Enterprises just days before the 2009 election).

The original 2012 assessed value was $177,100. This seemed ridiculously low given that the MLA in question, Eric Foster, had arranged for as much as $78,000 to be spent on office renovations.
After receiving the complaint, BC Assessment – to their credit – assigned two senior employees to reexamine the property. The new value from BC Assessment was $214,000. This was an increase of $36,900 (a 20% increase from the original value). The $214,000 assessment was confirmed after a hearing at the Property Assessment Review Panel.
The building owners, who are allegedly related to Eric Foster’s constituency assistant, did not bother to show up at the hearing."...


This increase, which is based entirely on the value of the building rather than the land, really would be small potatoes in the grand scheme of the big grift except for one thing.

Which is that the Auditor General raised the red flag on this entire matter just before the BC Liberal Party dominated legislative committee chaird by the good Mr. Foster effectively fired said Auditor-General.

Which, of course, suggests that the small claims division of Griftopia, Inc. is vertically integrated with the bigger stuff.

Bigger stuff like, say, this.



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