Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BC Ferries Cancels Sailing Of Parody Site On The Twittmachine.


In case you missed it (and you probably did), BC Ferries contacted Twitter recently and asked them to shut down an innocuous (but very clever and often funny) parody site because of 'Trademark' infringement.

Some of my favourite tweets from the fine folks at @BCFerrys were about the oatmeal, it's consisistency, and the great lack of care that was taken in preparing it just right.

Unfortunately, you can't read any of those tweets any more because the gods and goddesses who run the world's twittmachine feed have shut down @BCFerrys.

Luckily, the response has been swift, mercilous, and mostly mirthful, in hashtagville.



Why, exactly, did BC Ferries they needed to shut the parody site down.

Of course, it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the parody tweets themselves and how they might be coming a little too close to the bone.

Instead, at least according to spokesthingy Deborah Marshall, the real problem was the fact that the satirist(s) behind parody site were using a profile picture of a stylized dogwood that looked kinda/sorta like a logo that the ferry corporation doesn't even use anymore.


...While the account's name was a concern, the corporation's complaint to Twitter actually concerned the satirical accounts use of the corporation's old Dogwood logo, said Marshall.

And if its anonymous owners choose a new image @BCFerrys could be active again, she said...

No word, yet, if the satiristic trouble makers can pick up their new image in the chief steward's office.

Update: They're baaaaaack!....With a massaged logo that hardly looks like a dogwood at all (except when it does)...
Of course, when it became abundantly clear that they were getting whacked about harder than a Duke Point Celebration Day Slam Landing, BC Ferries suddenly started playing all nicey-nicey jokey-jokey....Sheesh.



North Van's Grumps said...

BCFerrys say that 'there can only be One or Two' eg. BCFerries.

What about BCFairies?

Sounds the same.

Hugh said...

"Passengers ordering hot dogs please proceed to the mustard station."

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the timely reminder of the power of satire to both humour and inform the great Most of Us and to make the powerful (or, in the case of BC Ferries, those who dream they are powerful) squirm.

If I were more web savvy I would be designing a satiric webpage dedicated to someone who deserves it every bit as much as BC Ferries: Jordan Bateman.

RossK said...


You got me there...For a moment or seven I'm pretty sure the satirist(s) were using @FreeBCFerrys



Isn't that a great one?...For some reason it makes me think of the Wacky one with a yellow stain on his tie.




What would the logo for the local JB Smooth be?