Monday, March 09, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Incoherence.


On Friday we noticed that Kady O'Malley and her nearest neighbour in the crowd, Andrew Coyne, were gobsmacked by the lack of there there that our fine premier exhibited during her address to the even finer folks who love democracy 'n stuff so much.

And then, on Saturday, came Mr. Coyne's deluge:

...Ms. Clark was her usual jolly, incoherent self, asserting by turns her unshakeable belief in “free enterprise” and her designs for a planned economy, boasting that her government had “identified eight sectors” as part of a policy of “investing in diversification” that involved “focusing on all those sectors.” A “thriving private sector” was named as “the source of all wealth,” unless it was “the people in the public sector” that “enabled economic growth,” though of course it was “the provinces that drive economic growth.” I suppose I should add that she also expressed the hope that we might find “a new place in the world forever,” but by this point you will probably already have guessed...

Isn't funny how it is only journos from afar (see Akin, David for example) that seem to be able to see Ms. Clark's word salad for what it really is (and most definitely is not)?

Why is that, exactly, I wonder?

Tip O' The Toque to Grant G for pointing us towards the column from Mr. Coyne...
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Anonymous said...

free as in free giveaway as in fire sale everything must go.?

word salad ,everything is awesome,
sparkle pony ,supercali..,100 year 400 million,

reporters without symptoms of BCitis or lotuslanditis

Hugh said...

Premier Clark critical of bad Federal Bill:

RossK said...


When you're trying to placate all the bases all the time you've gotta go off in 37 directions at once.

At all times.

As for the inherent coherence...

Well, if nobody ever calls her on it, who cares, right?


Anonymous said...

2014 ended march 31 fy bc hydro still at 53 gwh for BC.
Avg 53 since 2008?cfl/LED lightbulbs and smart meters?
so why site C?

North Van's Grumps said...

2007 BC Hydro Study: Conservation can create electricity for a million homes, for FREE. Site C: 450,000 for $8.3 Billion

cfvua said...

Advertising $$$$

Anonymous said...

"Nothing destroys a beautiful hypothesis like an ugly fact."

Anonymous said...