Friday, March 27, 2015

Can Jesse Brown's Listeners Make His Media Coverage Podcast Pay?

I would say the answer, at least on a small but sustainable scale, is most definitely....


And, based on the numbers (and the average), I'd be willing to wager that most of his 2000 subscribers fronting up to the tune of 4-5 dollars per month.

Which sounds trivial, but it's actually 50-60 bucks a year.

Which is pretty darned amazing if you ask me.

You can listen to Mr. Brown's work...Here.
And you can keep up with the stories he and his are working on, and often breaking...Here.
And if you like what he's up to you can, as Brown likes to say, help pay for it...Here.
Why is this amazing to me?...Because despite how good (and important and vital) it was, Sean Holman couldn't make a financial go of PublicEyeOnline....But maybe Sean came along just a wee bit too early...And maybe he shouldn't have been giving away the audio for (almost?) free to the fine folks at CFAX...


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