Friday, March 27, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Earthquakes, Why Worry?


As Grant G. pointed out in the comments yesterday, it would appear that the 'Fracking is Fabulous!' (TM) report from the Clarklandians yesterday was actually double deflector spin.

Because, in addition to driving the Treaty fiasco off the front pages it also provided cover for the same day release of the 'Earthquake Preparedness Consultation Report'.

You can read that report in its entirety, here, if you wish. 

The following is taken from the executive summary:

...While progress has been made on earthquake preparedness, and significant work is underway currently for which involved parties should be applauded, the majority of the preparedness gaps and recommendations outlined in previous reports appear to remain valid today...

Which is softball-ese for, "We are not prepared!" And, what's more, the Clarklandians are not doing their job in getting the majority of the preparedness balls rolling.

Interestingly, in their under the radar press release on the matter, the PAB-Botians in the Clarklandians employ still couldn't help themselves when it comes to schools.

To wit:

Since 2001, government has spent or committed $2.2 billion to seismically upgrade or replace 213 high-risk schools:

  • As of January 2015, 145 schools have been upgraded or replaced, 11 schools are currently under construction, and nine schools are moving toward construction to current seismic standards.
  • It is anticipated government will invest an additional $600 million to address the remaining 126 high-risk schools in the province.
  • Once completed, approximately 150,000 B.C. students at about 339 high-risk schools throughout the province will be safer.


Didn't the Clarklandians themselves recently announce that those additional 126 high risk schools wouldn't be dealt with until 2030 instead of 2020?

And doesn't that mean that, using this crazy new math known as division and multiplication, that approximately 55,000 kids will be at risk for at least an additional 10 years?

Funny how the PAB-Bots didn't mention that last one, eh?

The crazy little thing called math?...Well, it goes like this...(126/339) X 150,000....Importantly such an operation doesn't even require the distributive principle, which is grade 9 stuff if I remember correctly...Thus, I would think that even the most junior PAB-Botian could figure that one out.
Also in the comments to yesterday's post....Guy In Victoria asked if we could just save the money we need to actually do stuff by halting the work of the PAB-Bots and their reports 'n stuff?...Well...As we've kinda/sorta wondered before, what the heckfire would the PAB-Bots do then...Become Park Rangers?



North Van's Grumps said...

Its all fine and dandy for the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton to spout off:

Take, for example, the Provincial Emergency Notification System which, with its updates earlier this month, is now able to provide emergency managers throughout B.C. with faster access to the information they need to warn and protect the people in their communities.

Suzanne....may we call you just Sue ....If the lines of communications, mostly powered by SMART Meters are knocked out ..... will the "faster access" bragging be doable, eh.

BC Liberal Government needs to deal with the short funding of School Seismic Upgrades and then we wouldn't need emergency managers throughout the Province.

Anonymous said...

yes let us close burrard thermal for no backup to earthquake-tranmission lines dam damage and less water in drought like 4 year cali.

Lew said...

To which John Les says, “See? They shouldn’t have cancelled my gig.”