Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This Day In Clarkland: The AGLG Follies...The Sargeant Schulz Defense.


About this AG for LG thing, here is Ms. Clark's minister responsible on why she and the rest of the gang couldn't possibly do anything about the mess that the Opposition, through whistleblowers it would appear, has discovered:

...“For any auditor to be effective it needs to be independent from politicians. Government has no ability to direct the auditor general for local government in reporting and timelines.”...



The wizards behind the Iron Snowbird conceived of, and then wurlitzered, this entire thing back in late 2012 purely for the PR punch of the thing.

And then they made sure that they kept control of it because this is not an office with arms length oversight like, say, the real AG.

Instead, this is a creature of the Clark government that is entirely controlled by another creature the Clark government. Here is the Dean's take in the VSun:

...Auditor general for local government Basia Ruta was selected by a council that was itself chosen by the Liberals. She was appointed not by a vote of the house, but by cabinet order effective Jan 15, 2013 for five years at $200,000 a year with an annual budget of $2.6 million...


That sounds amazingly similar to what the Knotty Gordians did with Translink in the run-up to the great turnstile swindle, eh?

Is it possible that the AGLG is getting ready to recommend fare gates for municipal council meetings as a perpetually motionless reverse revenue generating dedemocratizing discombobulator, or some such thing?


And, as a capper to all of this?

Well, as the folks from Integrity BC have pointed out, in addition to the millions being wasted (which, to put it in real perspective, is still only half a bogus Bollywood Bonanza), we also spent close to $60,000 to an almost/but not quite PR-like firm to do the hiring.

It really is just one more example of the longstanding Cronification of everything by these people.



Anonymous said...

BC next?


North Van's Grumps said...

To paraphrase Minister of Advance Education Andrew Wilkinson Open Door policy for Transportation Minister Todd Stone's best benefits to Translink:

BC's Translink should not hire lobbyists to influence the NO voters to vote YES

Transportation Minister Todd Stone is asking Translink from using transit money and public funds for government relations firms in an attempt to exert influence on his decisions.

"In an era where we're trying to make sure that every dollar of Translink money is spent on transportation, I'll be conveying to them that I don't see the need for them to retain government relations specialist," Stone said Tuesday.

Instead, he said his doors open wider than Andrew Wilkinson's.

Anonymous said...

time to audit site C?


cfvua said...

This will mean that anything that is put out by this bogus office will have zero credibility. Which must be pointed out repeatedly so no one forgets or mistakes any of the work as factual. The funds put in place for this free ride should have gone to a stronger version of the real AG, but then that would be more than a bit embarrassing for Clark and Co.