Thursday, March 26, 2015

This Evening In Clarkland...Fracking Is Fabulous!



The comprehensive report on the health effects of fracking, which the Clarklandians received in November, was suddenly released today (gosh, I wonder why?).

And guess what...

According to the Clarklandians at least, everything is just peachy.

The GStraight's Travis Lupick has the story. Here's his lede:

A highly anticipated government report states residents of B.C.’s northeast have little to fear from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and other oil and gas operations that have intensified in recent years....

Mr. Lupick also notes the following:

The B.C. Ministry of Health’s findings stand in contrast to those of a similar study that examined fracking in New York State.

In December 2014, the New York Times described that report as “concluding that the method posed inestimable public-health risks”.

That document's release prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to announce his administration would implement an outright ban on fracking “because of concerns over health”...


The Clarklandian's press release on the fabulousness can be found...Here.
The actual reports 'n stuff can be found...Here.
And we actually have a pretty good idea as to why the 'good news' was released today...In fact, things are unfolding pretty much exactly as we predicted they would (and even more so, the way Lew called it in the comments)...



Grant G said...

Actually Ross...They also released another report 20 minutes earlier...On earthquake preparedness..

We got a big fat fail, report said we aren`t ready, chjildren in old schools will die.

So, they advertised to all the media that the fracked report was being released, then they silently released the damning earthquake report to little fanfare..

My suggestion, keep your children out of old brick n mortar schools.

Anonymous said...

burrard thermal for backup now!drought and earthquake murphys law.

RossK said...

Aaaaaaahhhhh...Double Deflector Spike Spin.

Thanks Grant.



I hear you.


Anonymous said...

If every report the Liberal government commissions comes back with a don't worry about it conclusion..... can we not save a lot of money by cancelling all these reports. And don't think it's done to cover the politicians ass..... because when has the government ever accepted any wrongdoing ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Despite the clean fracking going on up north and the 11 thousand jobs that a Liberal Minister posted yesterday that are available right now...this story pops up on the CBC website today:
" The recent economic downturn in the Alberta oil industry has had a local homeless shelter and Food Bank in northwest B.C. scrambling to help oil patch workers who can't find jobs.
Salvation Army Captain Debbie Vanderheyden said the Northern Centre for Hope in Fort St. John is running at capacity, with its last beds filled up by people who would normally work for oil companies or do support work such as welding. The local food bank has also seen more visitors.
"With the downturn in the oil industry, and the fact that it's winter, this has just absolutely used up all the space we have," said Vanderheyden in an interview with Daybreak North."

Is this because everyone heard Christy Clark say go North young man ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...