Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Turning Point?


Well, well, well...

Whaddy'a know.

Following up on the heavy lifting done by the Opposition on this faux auditor thing, it would appear that Mikey-Mike of The Province actually asked Ms. Clark a couple of real questions.

Like, how much, exactly, is the faux auditor's office suddenly spending on lawyers in the face of a double-fauxian auditing of the faux?

“I don’t have an answer for that,” Clark said Wednesday.

Of course Ms. Clark did have a super solid word saladian rejoinder, with thousand island dressing on top, which was:

“I’m very pleased there’s an audit under way,” Clark said.


Mr. Smyth also zoomed in on the Premier's fatuous responses to questions about her Minister's performance on this file, which included her being a 'rookie' who doesn't really know what she's doing. Apparently, that 'doesn't-really-know-what-she's-doing' thing also makes the same Minister well suited for spearheading that teeny-weeny Clarklandian initiative called LNG.

None of which is surprising given the Premier's proven propensity to just 'Say Anything', as Andrew Coyne learned just last week.

But the fact that Mikey-Mike actually went after Ms. Clark, for almost real, in print, actually kinda/sorta was.

Surprising, I mean.

Interestingly, the smart money boys in the Lotuslandian Legislative Press Gallery (i.e. The Club) keep mentioning how this faux auditor story is clearly being driven by a motivated leaker who is passing stuff on to the Opposition as if that somehow blunts the fact that this ridiculous PR stunt of an office of fauxianness foisted on us by Ms. Clark's wizards is actually hurting British Columbia....Perhaps those same smart money boys should ask themselves the following....When was the last time any of them actually generated their own, honest-to-goddess scoop from a real source that wasn't playing the insider-accessed, half-baked-cake, hedge-for-another-day game with them anyway?
And how about if we just open things wide open, proMedia wise?....I'm thinking it was Cassidy Olivier's series on Quick Wins....And on that story, why did the Club members suddenly stop digging once the evidence took them inside the Premier's office?....Hmmmm...Hang on while I check the archives for a moment...Oh....Ya...The Dyble made them do it!



North Van's Grumps said...

It appears that the Auditor for Local Government has updated her Website based on Four Pillars:

As proof, since yesterday's grilling, there is now more than one event, categories of three:

1. Planned Performance Audits;
2. Current Performance Audit Reports,
3. FUTURE Planned Performance audits

Under the heading of 1.
Audit Topic 1 - Achieving Value for Money in Operational Procurement

Anonymous said...

Bc liberal inequality?
200 million for top 2 percent tax break
20 cents minimum wage increase for rest
Enough to pay for translink tax?
A rising tide floats all boats.but in bc you have to have one first.

Anonymous said...

Translink , the blind trust project.?

Unknown said...

I had a look at the legislation (Bill 20) related to the AGLG and it appears the Audit Council (the sue-ee)is responsible for preparing an annual critique of the AG and her staff and to advise the Minister, Coralee Oakes, of the results. Since the AGLG has been operating for 2 years,and the dysfunction appears to be long standing, the Minister must have been aware of problems when the first report was presented to her. unless of course there was political interference to keep on carrying on.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is just Smyth burnishing his "I criticize both sides" credentials 2 years away from the next election when the vast majority of people aren't paying attention. Once the election is closer or in full swing nothing the opposition parties say will be considered even worth considering and every thing the fascist nitwits say will be considered to be God's own truth no matter how insane, idiotic, or wrong.

Anonymous said...