Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things That I Learned Today...


I learned that the Whackadoodle loves rolling in goose poo.

Well, actually, I already knew that, but today she made sure I'll never forget it.

I also learned that I am a sucker for modern, video-assisted adventure stories.

And one of those is the story of how Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray quit their day jobs and travelled around North America for a year on a shoestring playing shows wherever and whenever anybody would let them.

It made for interesting between gig-times as well, including nights spent sleeping inside their lofted-out Honda Element in Walmart parking lots.

And more...

You can read a little bit about Ms. S and YW's adventures, and more, here and here...You can also listen to their stuff for free (Track 3 highly recommended; and then buy it if you like it)...Here.


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Anonymous said...

We just had a 4.9 in BC

Foolish to shut down burrard thermal as backup at least for earthquake-transmission lines down
and drought-water for hydro generation, like year 4 in California.