Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Bonfire Of The Flack Hackeries (ctd.)....The Non-Disclosure Disclosure.


On his highly established and credible blog, New West city councillor Patrick Johnstone shows his work while he generates an interesting take on the disclosure about where the flack hackery from the 'No' side is getting its money:

...The Canadian Taxpayers Federation have always been reluctant to talk about where their money comes from, but as the front organization for Federal Conservative datamining the NO side in the ongoing Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite, they attempted to get some press this week by releasing a declaration of their campaign contributions.

Except, of course, they did no such thing.

Their declaration document, which you can read in its entirety here, is amazingly bereft of details, and suffers from some basic math problems (reinforcing the notion that math is not a CTF strong point).

The document states that the NO campaign has a budget of $27,259.30. That came from anonymous donations amounting to $7,003.30, declared donations from 10 individuals that total $5,186, and $14,750 from the CTF coffers. Those numbers leave an unexplained $320 gap, but that is not the real problem with this “declaration”.

Of the $27,259.30, exactly $5,186 is actually disclosed – less than 20% of the total money they are spending is from a declared source...

Mr. Johnstone then goes on to make the case for how ridiculous a claim it is for the No flacks to claim that this whole thing is being done for less than $30K.

Unless, of course the good Mr. Bateman and the very fine man from Ethical Oil, Mr. Hamish Marshall are being paid in negative dollars.

But I'm more interested in that total number of 'individual' donors.

Which is 10.

That's some number that number 10.

But at least it's four more than backed one of the good Mr. Bateman's previous projects, a little thing that helped bring us the three billion dollar ice bomb bridge called 'Get Moving B.C.'.

Because, you know, it's all about the 'grass roots' and what the people really want.


We've said it before, and we'll say it again...The only real winners in this thing will be the flack hackery...On both sides....Well, that, and maybe the hard rock poli-candy data miners.
Wondering about this 'showing your work business'?...Paul Willcocks has an excellent example up on why it really matters for bloggers (see vignette #3 here)...



North Van's Grumps said...

Are you're wondering how Hamish I. Marshall is thrown into the mix with Jordan Bateman? Document Properties of the Disclosure has his name, front and centre and alone.

North Van's Grumps said...

Jordan Bateman's Get Moving:


The provincial government is doing something positive about traffic gridlock in the Lower Mainland, and within the next five years things can get better on Greater Vancouver’s roads and transit systems.

But the long-awaited, desperately-needed transportation system improvements being planned by the provincial government are being put at risk by ill-informed anti-progress, anti-transportation groups springing up across the Lower Mainland.

These groups would rather leave people idling in their cars and trucks for hours and see the cost of our goods and services increase because of gridlock. They would rather keep you stuck in traffic for hours every day than see something being done about the problem of traffic congestion! They’re vocal, they’re holding rallies and they’re lobbying the governments.

spartikus said...

I wonder if "P. Armstrong" is the P. Armstrong who in another movie has a very serious interest in trains.