Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...And As For The Actual Children Who Need Our Help Most?


We've written on the extremely serious deficiencies of the Minister of Child and Family Development's 'new' Integrated Case Management computer system before.

And about it's ridiculous $182 million dollar price tag.

Well, now a brand new report from the provincial auditor general (i.e. the recently hired real one, not the recently fired faux one) essentially backs all this up and says the system only works about a third of the time.

Which means that about two-thirds of the time frontline folks waste huge amounts of time switching between the new and old systems looking for personal data 'n such (which may not be protected by the way) when they instead could/should be working with, you know...actual people in actual need.

And, in the 'Chump Change For Clarkland' department (i.e. the 'Bogus Bollywood Ballpark' dollar figure) there is this, as noted by the VSun's Rob Shaw:

...Auditors were also unable to confirm the project’s final costs, which included an extra $13 million in capital, according to the audit...

Oh, and then there is the following, also from Mr. Shaw buried way, way under the lede:

...Despite all the problems, the ICM computer system was nominated by its managers in the civil service for a Premier’s Award of Excellence for innovation...

Own bathwater, drinking much?

And lest you think all this snark is not warranted....Well...Just so you know...I will never forget that this is the same ministry whose minders won't allow frontline workers spend an extra $50 bucks on kids in our care who really need it at Christmastime.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering....Yes....The Clarklandians are getting ready to it all over again with the 'Integrated Decision Making System' this time for...Get this....Sparkle Ponies!



Anonymous said...

So who do you think nominated these managers for an award ? Can members of her PR department do that or is senior officials who are so afraid of being identified as the ones signing off on this project ?
And only Christy Clark would feel honoured to give out this award.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG again RossK

The ICM technology is stable and secure, and the software platform provides the flexibility to make changes as needed to meet ongoing business requirements. Because this project represents a significant change for staff, it was introduced in phases. A phased approach allowed for management of risk, measurement of results and keeps the project on track.




From Christy Clark's Government A promise Made, A promise Kept with an ICM Online Demonstration

Anonymous said...