Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Transparency? We Don't Need (To Cover) No Stinking Transparency!


Did you know that the provincial Dippers introduced a bill last week that would increase government transparency significantly, to a level that would make it possible for super sleuths like Bob Mackin and citizen sleuths like Norm Farrell to do their job/follow the money without wasting time and treasure being forced to forever FOI themselves?

Neither did I.



How come neither you nor I knew about this?

Because the Lotuslandian proMedia refused to cover it.

Over the mountains, but not too far away guy (and former Lotuslandian super sleuth himself), Sean Holman has the story:

...(T)here’s value in journalists covering the opposition’s proposed reforms because such stories help inform the public about the flaws in British Columbia’s freedom of information system.

But a search of the Canadian Newsstand database and Google News turns up no stories about those reforms.

By comparison, when federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced a much weaker freedom of information initiative, he nabbed at least five stories about that proposal – including an editorial from the Globe and Mail endorsing it...

Imagine that.

Don't know about you, but Mr. Holman's regular Monday morning blog posts have fast become a must read for me....On a whole lotta levels from Federal to Municipal...
Subheader got you wondering?....Well...This.



Anonymous said...

so transparent BC promedia didnt see it.?

Lew said...

ProMedia didn’t report on the BC Liberal shutdown of the Dipper attempt to have Graham Whitmarsh and David Loukidelis appear at the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts last September to help out with the many unanswered questions about their little $6.2 million deal with Basi and Virk either. It’s a committee of the Legislature; so you’d think the Legislative Press Gallery would be all over it, especially since none of them have the answers. But not a word.

What a loathsome bunch.

Anonymous said...

Are BC Liberals manufacturing consent?

RossK said...


Me still laughin'....



Are you saying that you have a memory and that you plan to use it?

What kind of craziness is that?



I think they are, essentially, manufacturing word salad (topped with a dressing of deflector spike spin)