Saturday, March 07, 2015

Reader Comment Of The Week...


This week's comes from Scotty On Denman who was commenting on a post about Ms. Christy Clark's questionable actions towards others:

What colour T-shirt do we get for anti-hypocrite day?

I think Christy did some calculations on the amount of criticism she'd encounter over pink T-shirts---the "motherhood" of it all...

When Anton appeared incompetent when asked about reports of abuse at the Civil Forfeiture Office, Christy had to grab the wheel; unfortunately she ran a red in defending the CFO by noting it funded a special, personal interest of hers: anti-bullying T-shirts which, coincidentally merely underscored Anton's incompetence (Anton should have prevented her boss from admitting a technical conflict of interest, especially given the nature of criticism against the CFO). In any case, Christy herself revels in bullying her rivals with defamation that could, outside the immunity of the Assembly, be actionable.

Is her hypocrisy as consistent as Anton's incompetence---or even Minister Stone's excuses about safe alternatives to hitchhiking on the "Highway of Tears", also sounding about as incompetent as he could get. Christy decides to award $3 million toward that investigation from the CFO stash of forfeited funds, which she characterized as "taking money from the bad guys and giving it to the victims"---which sounded appallingly trite in the circumstance of Stone's lame excuses. Bad enough he repeated his hackneyed dismissal of those murdered women, almost all First Nation people, by emphasizing over and over the 700 km length of the Highway of Tears, and maybe as bad as what Christy cheerfully calls "money from the bad guys" which may in fact have been extorted from innocent citizens because the legal cost of defending themselves would exceed the value of the forfeiture; Christy's 'say-no-more' about the $3 million takes the cake because saying any more might be construed as, y'know, some kind of conflicty thing, the money having come from that paragon of trustworthiness, the unimpeachable CFO.

Oh! Would we could impeach the lot!



North Van's Grumps said...

Highway of Tears Report was completed in 1979, and then buried.

Last paragraph of our February 2013 Post has more links:

The “Report” that the Attorney General of BC (Garde Gardom 22 Dec. 1975 – 24 Nov. 1979) received in March of 1979, is titled, “Rape in British Columbia" , written by Nancy Goldsberry. The document is available in the BC Legislative Library.”

RossK said...

Thanks for doing the digging NVG.

It's an important historical document. Thanks for unearthing it.