Thursday, March 26, 2015

This Afternoon In Clarkland...The Withholding.


There is sure to be a lot of blather and babble about the effects of fracking report that will be released by the Clarklandians later today.


When you tire of trying to elbow your way through all B&B in an effort to get to the heart of the matter do not forget the following from a piece by Justine Hunter in the Globe:

B.C.’s Ministry of Health is withholding the results of scientific research on how oil and gas operations in the province’s northeast communities are affecting human health.

Health Minister Terry Lake said Thursday that a report, which has been on his desk since last fall, is still being studied by several departments in government and he hopes to release the results “soon.”...

When did Ms. Hunter's piece come out?

February 19th.

Think about that.

And think about whether the Clarklandian wizards figure they need a deflector spike spin story this week.

Or not.

Tip 'O The Toque to Travis Lupick via the Twittmachine.



chuckstraight said...

I guess it`s a secret?

Lew said...

I wonder if the report will differ significantly from hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that overwhelmingly identify environmental and public health hazards and risks of shale gas development? Maybe there is something unique about BC that makes it immune to any of these, and we’re about to be informed exactly what that is.