Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Treaty Commissioner Calls Out The Premier


First, the 'call', from Premier Christy Clark, as noted by the VTC's Lindsay Kines earlier this morning:

...“In terms of next steps — whether or not the treaty commission will be changed, whether or not it will continue to exist, how all that future will unfold with respect to treaties — is going to be something that we do together with First Nations.” ...

Second, the 'call out', from current Chief Commissioner Sophie Pierre in a press release from later today titled, "Unilateral Action By BC Government Undermines Treaty Negotiations":

..."Let's not trivialize the issue. The facts are simple - we need the Premier and Prime Minister's commitment to treaty negotiations. I have been asking for a commitment right from the get go, but we seem to be going backwards to a dark time when BC questioned the need to engage in treaty negotiations at all," said Sophie Pierre.

{snippety doo-dah}

..."You don't make positive change by unilaterally blocking the Chief Commissioner appointment"...

In other words, our essentially incoherent 'Say Anything!' Premier is not actually doing anything with anybody that needs to be 'engaged', whatsoever.

Because, the facts so far strongly suggest that this entirely an inside job of her (and her wizards and patrons) own making.

But I'm sure we'll hear all about just what an outstanding job (of grandstanding) Ms. Clark did in the Ledge today and how important Mr. Fassbender's initiative and the fracking report for the next 48 hours or so, until the newscycle is, essentially, done.

On the newscycle management thingy...The fact that Ms. Pierre released her statement today and did not wait until, say, Monday, indicate that her words and deeds (and office) are likely not being directed entirely by wizards and PAB-Bot clones. Good on her.



Anonymous said...

because every thurs is last day of week at the leg.
so if your a no show 3 of 4 days means you are there 25 percent of the time.

James King, Victoria said...

I've just been listening to CBC Victoria's discussion between Spector, Brown and Cull about the absolute cock-up she's made of the Treaty Commission appointment and the law which established the whole thing in the first place.

It's well worth going online to get the podcast.

North Van's Grumps said...

Education Minister Peter Fassbender's law to override democratically elected School boards is nothing more than the Second Act of the same farce created by Christy Clark's Education Minister.

The Education Minister three years ago wrote the LAW and indeed exercised his 'right' by removing the Cowichan School Board for failing to balance their budget. With a stroke of a pen they were replaced with a single entity, a Trustee.

The former minister, now a highly praised, but much maligned lately, a failure in the eyes of a petty Premier Christy Clark who forsees the need for a NEW DEAL in negotiations with The First Nations, ...... cut George Abbott off at the Treaty-Commissioner-to-Be-knees.

Yeah George!!!

Education Minister George Abbott has rejected calls for a byelection to replace fired members of the Cowichan school board. Abbott, who sacked the board earlier this year for failing to submit a balanced budget, said the district likely will be run by a government-appointed trustee until the next round of municipal elections in 2014. The board majority, which passed a deficit budget by a 5-4 margin, was “clearly looking for a political fight”

Within two years every school board will be removed and replaced with a Trustee thereby saving $54 million which will be spent on perks for the Friend of BC Liberals. Oh wait, they're already doing that.