Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunday Setlist, March 29th...Save The Zevon!


'Twas a bit of a lazy, rainy Sunday.

And given that there was not a cinnamon bun in sight I figured it was time to sit down and do another talking pod-tuned thing.

Luckily I managed to finally find another Bruce tune that I could cover that wouldn't be butchered too badly by my warble.

And the guy from 'Girls' (the band, not the TeeVee show that my kids are obsessed with) whose name I couldn't remember is Chris Owens . The covered tune is Life in San Francisco.

The featured tune with the effecty guitarnoirish business (see image above) is the fantastic 'Coyote' from the even more fantastic 'Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray'. The tour diaries I most recently Youtube binged on can be found here.

As for the Zevon...Check out how seamlessly the riff fits into two other very well known classics that classic rock radio has wrecked.

And, ya, my reverb pedal is really from 'Dr. Scientist Sounds'...Go figure!...It was given to me by a Canadian indie stalwart - Mikey Manville whose wife used to work with me in the lab before they both moved back to the Center of the Universe.
Gosh, almost forgot...The little snippet at the beginning is Lisa Hannigan's 'I Don't Know'.

Here's the previous set (details here)...


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