Saturday, March 28, 2015

Limited Climb Down On C-51...It's All About The Base.


Well, well, well whaddy'a know...

The (not)Tory government has done an about face by signaling that it will, in the end, be proposing amendments to C-51:

The government will propose a handful of amendments to the proposed anti-terror bill when it goes to clause-by-clause review on Tuesday, CBC News has learned, including a proposal that would protect protests from being captured by the new measures...

The MoCo report quoted above then goes on to suggest that this is all about gaining the upper hand in the house:

...Both the New Democrats and the Liberals have already served notice that they plan on putting forward amendments as well, the bulk of which would go further than what the government will propose...

Which just might be partially right, I suppose.

But I think Montreal Simon, with an assist by iPolitics' Tasha Kheiriddan, might be on to the real thing.

Which is that Mr. Harper is actually concerned with a potential fracturing of his base:

...It seems that what made them back down is pressure from their own supporters.

Bill C-51 was supposed to unite conservatives in the latest round of the War on Terror™. Instead, it’s dividing them — both on and off Parliament Hill.

Because when you have right-wingers like Connie Fournier, from the wingnut site Free Dominion, saying this:

“I feel like we’re in some kind of alternate universe,” she recently told the Tyee. “You spend your life working for the Conservative party, and the Conservative party finally gets in, and (now) you’re saying, ‘I hope the NDP really steps up and protects us from our Conservative government.'”

You know they're in trouble.

Conservatives, beware: The closer your supporters look at C-51, the less they seem to like it. If the Tories are planning on campaigning on this bill at election time, they’d better make some changes — or risk the wrath of their own people...

Guess it's not too surprising.

After all, a man that maintains power by dividing all his enemies on purpose is likely, sooner or later, to do the same thing to his friends by accident.

Or some such bizarrely base baseless thing.

Subheader?....Well....You know.



sd said...

Boss,Boss de base de base

RossK said...


Just who is playing the part Tatoo these days, anyway?


sd said...

Pamala Martin?

sd said...

Actually I was thinking provincially. Federally it has to be Joe (missing in action) Oliver. Never before has boy needed more.

RossK said...

I guess it all comes down to who needs the Corinthian leather the most.

Or some such thing.


sd said...

They need some leather for that clown car their driving.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A worthwhile reminder that Conservative Party supporters, some of them at least, maintain an interest in Liberty. Such interest is to be encouraged. Politics is supposed to result in odd bedfellows. Such matings have been known to produce fine children.

RossK said...

Point taken Beer.

Of course, this is made infinitely easier when folks are able to reason their way out of blind loyalty.


Anonymous said...

So, we're in good company then...

Turkey’s Parliament Passes Contested Security, Surveillance Laws

The parliament voted to approve security laws that allow police to conduct searches and arrests without immediate court orders and use firearms against militants. The law separately empowered government-appointed governors to order police or paramilitary forces to conduct searches and detain suspects for up to 48 hours without immediate court orders, state-run Anadolu Agency said. Protesters are banned from carrying fire crackers, firebombs, iron pellets and slingshots, along with covering faces during demonstrations.

The online surveillance law will allow police to keep wiretapping or monitoring online activities of suspects without court orders for 48 hours.

RossK said...


Finest of the fine company, indeed.