Thursday, March 12, 2015

Minimal Minimum Wage Increase...The Keef/Not Keef Report


First, the Keef:

Second, the not Keef:


Would a thunk that the Dean would turn out to be the not Keef.

If only for a moment or five.

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Anonymous said...

They could peg the rate to the Premier's salary, starting in 2000

cfvua said...

If economic growth goes down does this mean the wage goes down. Or is that just inner chamber of low wages speaking?

Don F. said...

This is one of those times in my life when I find myself at a loss for words. Same thing happened when I heard we were getting Bollywood awards or sort of getting them.

Grant G said...

"OTTAWA — Vic Toews’ wife complained to the Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday about “absurd” financial records that appear to show a transfer of almost $1 million from a Manitoba first nation to her company.

Stacey Meek, common-law spouse of the former federal minister, said in an email Thursday that her company did not receive $966,500 for “strategic advice” from Peguis First Nation. The money was in a trust established by the first nation after it received a $126-million land-claim settlement from the federal government in 2010, while Mr. Toews was the political minister for Manitoba.

Mr. Toews had extensive dealings with the first nation while he was at the cabinet table, providing millions in federal funding for flood proofing for instance. Any business dealings he had with the band after leaving politics could therefore raise questions about federal conflict of interest rules.

The purported transfer of money is contained in a trust account ledger presented to the Peguis First Nation by its former lawyer, Jeffrey Rath, to show how he disbursed millions of dollars he was handling for the band, court documents say."

This story has legs

Bill said...

A whole $8 a week.Pfffft. Wait for the hue and cry from business as their business models are so broken they can't afford it.Prices will hit the roof, business will fail,etc.Social justice, Christy style.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned "gee, that's a whole $8 per week" and I agree with their cynicism/sarcasim. However, what is overlooked here is that most folks employed in minimum wage jobs, particularly fast food industry usually get about 20 hrs per week at most (except for the TFWs of course who are guaranteed full time employment by our immigration stars in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

Just Enough to pay for translink tax.?
Getting bc railroaded once again?

Anonymous said...

premier lives in vancouver ?
represents Kelowna?
works in victoria
visits Asia?

e.a.f. said...

And people wonder why we have such a high rate of child poverty in this province. Its real easy, their parents aren't paid a "living wage". When parents don't get paid, children don't get to eat.

The min. wage has in no way kept up with the cost of living. Simply the price of food, has dug into what little people on min. wage make. Then add in the increase in electricity, at 6% and there will be longer lines at the food bank.

Welcome to B.C. were the ruling political party ensures people live in poverty, even if they work full time.

Anonymous said...

BC Liberals monetizing BC Parks?