Saturday, March 28, 2015

Will Newt Skywalker Come Up With A Pet Name For His New Buddy Johnny Needles?


From Rachelle Younglai in the Globe:

Barrick Gold Corp. has tapped former foreign affairs minister John Baird and former top U.S. lawmaker Newt Gingrich to serve on its advisory board, the company said in regulatory filings...

Johnny Needles?....You bet!



Anonymous said...

Advisory board?


I had this vision of our Johnny getting up at the break of day, heading to the mine works in his lanterned helmet, singing 16 Tons...proving to Canadians that there's lots of jobs out there if you'd just get off your butts and look for them

Advisory Board? You sure they don't meet every day, down in the pits?


RossK said...


Click on through...

Looks like maybe once or twice a year.