Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This Day In Clarkland: Thank God For...


Was really busy yesterday, so had 12 hours without any media contact whatsoever...

Thus, I had no idea until I got home that Jim Benning had morphed into the the 2nd coming of Stand Pat Quinn.

Which was all fine and good, I guess, until I subsequently learned that I also live in a brand spanking shiny new version of the state of Mississippi:

BC Hydro’s bid to impose a new labour model on the Site C megaproject is being challenged in court by the unions that have managed the work force on all the Crown corporation’s large projects over the past five decades.

By switching to an open-shop format that would prohibit union organizing on the province’s biggest public infrastructure project in history, BC Hydro says it will promote work-force stability and assure contractors access to the largest pool of skilled and experienced workers....

This is why voting matters.

So much.

I fear that we will soon reach the point where we are going to need a government that will save (crony) capitalism from itself...
And if you had been lulled into thinking that things aren't really so bad because the reign or error of Mess'rs Campbell and Brown and their real paymasters is over...Well...Have you forgotten who Hydro's CEO is? 
You want a story, in song, of how an FDR-driven mega-project helped save the south?....This is it.



Anonymous said...

if you dont fight for what you have you will lose what youve got.

BC Liberals
tear up contracts?
disregard court decisions?
nickel and dime teachers?public?
families first for top 2 percent?
union bust?

North Van's Grumps said...

Unions are good
Their Contract benefits (Pension/Medical) determine Non-Union Benefits (Lesser of the two)(except at BC Hydro)

Union Busting kills level of pay to Non-Union jobs


No competition

The Rich get Richer

Grant G said...

This situation? is quite amusing/interesting..Sigurdson,head of the trade unions was called names by many for appearing(pre-election and post election)on stage with the one who wears a wizard`s shaped hat, also known in some circles as a DUNCE hat..

Sigurdson applauded the thought of more skytrain, more Massey bridge and was drooling over the worker potential of Site C..

Oh how worms turn..Why are the trade unions surprised..

Golden Ears bridge had a contractor that didn`t pay his workers...Canada line, I recall low-paid foreign workers there having trouble getting paid too..

Site C dam build-cost estimate was never real, the only way to come close to $10 billion is with 50% TFWs..

Lie with dogs(Christy)you get fleas..

This is about TFW`s, and a little about busting the meager remaining scraps of BC unions..

Here`s the playbook..

Contractor bids low, wins contract.

Contractor can`t find enough trades to go north to worker for his offerings.

Contractor now has legitimate(?) right to request TFW`s


My inside the beltway source whispered(my personal deepthroat) that Site C dam will have 50% to 60% TFW`s.

And...If the BC Government allows a taxpayer paid for project to allow 60% TFWs..Does anyone believe LNG would be any different?

How many BC trademen/woman will live in the frozen north in a camp for $15 dollars to $20 dollars per hour..

Oh, one more thing, these TFW`s and cheap labour will not be able to stop work, under any conditions, it will be illegal to strike, even if you don`t get paid, you have to work.

Welcome to BC..Home of Harper`s Terror bill companion piece legislation(you know, it`s now terrorism to stop economic activity)


Chuckstraight said...

Very predictable stuff from the most corrupt government and anti-union in the history of BC.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that some big corporations with budgets less than our government will hire a headhunting firm to recruit the best & brightest in senior management positions. But here in BC under a government that relies on some of these big companies for party funding we just appoint someone to a CEO position. And in this case we all know McDonald's background & ties to the Liberal party. When she left the circus of Gordon Campbell she received a fully paid ticket to attend an Ontario management school to educate herself in case she had to rely on the private sector. But that wasn't the case. Ms. McDonald lived on Liberal consulting contracts and then was appointed CEO of BC Hydro. Is there any better example of it's not what you know but ....... well you know the rest.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

1200 pink slips soon in BC

BC Liberals
inverting the bell curve of income inequality for all.?


Anonymous said...


Hugh said...

I have a hard time believing Site C would actually get built?

We don't need the power.
We can't afford it.
It would flood agricultural land.

cfvua said...

This just opened one more spot to lay blame if the project doesn't go ahead. Now we can blame landowners, FN, enviros, Nimbys, and expensive organized labour. How convenient.