Monday, March 02, 2015

Translink Referendum Shuffle...A New Member Of The Flack-Hackery Joins The Bonfire.


Having trouble getting to 'Yes' what with all that smoke being produced by all the flack-hackeries on both sides?

Well, as Bob Mackin pointed out in The Tyee last week...

Don't blame the Two Hundred Million Dollar Turnstiles!

With TransLink's smart cards and faregates over budget and overdue, and a plebiscite on transit expansion on the horizon, the contractor responsible for the projects has hired a former SkyTrain executive to deal with provincial officials feeling public pressure.

Lecia Stewart registered to lobby on behalf of Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. on Nov. 17. According to her entry on the Registrar of Lobbyists's website, she is aiming to provide an update to officials "regarding the Compass Card fare payment program being implemented for Metro Vancouver's public transit system" and to "improve public perception of Cubic."

Her undertaking is scheduled to last until May 31, two days after the end of Metro Vancouver's non-binding, mail-in vote on a proposed 0.5 per cent sales tax increase to expand regional transit...


Guess the man of many hats, content consultant, ol' Cubic hand, and former Translink CEO is just way too busy for this kind of thing these days.

And never forget...It was the flack-hackery itself that invented 'the market' for all those lovely train station clogging turnstiles in the first place.
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Bill said...

My eldest son got a credit card when he was too young. He ran it up and asked for help- I helped him once. The second time, he was on his own. The way I see it, these buffoons are running up credit cards on pointless failures. And they have their hands out for more? With 2 guys being paid $30,000 a month plus? Best and brightest? I may not be that bright, but I can see through that pile of male bovine emissions.