Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bernier, Schmernier!


Well, well, well.

It looks like the National Press won't have Julie to kick around anymore.

But, best of all, for those that are so inclined, the real news is that the time has come to really get rolling down that ol' Anschluss road:

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has accepted the resignation of his embattled foreign affairs minister over an apparent security breach involving cabinet documents and added that Vancouver-Kingsway MP David Emerson will take over as interim foreign minister.

That's right!

My M.P (who I, and even those who thought they did, didn't actually vote for)......

The man who has done more to wave the white paper of 'Forest Industry Peace In Our Time' (go ask the good folks of Mackenzie B.C. about that bit of corporate Nevilleism) is now in charge of foreign affairs.


Maybe in the 'interim' Mr. E. can give away the Tar Sands to Enron/KinderMorgan/CarlyleGroup.

Or he could just cut out the middle man entirely and get together with Michael Walker and Richard B. Cheney at a hunting lodge in Northern Alberta.


And blame this fever swamp-like entry on Bob because started it - OK?


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