Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Will Tony Clement Do About Insite?


Well, based on a piece by FABula on her blog, it looks like Smilin' Sammy has his ducks/lobbyists in a row for his 'alternative' harm reduction initiative.

"...John Reynolds was registered as the official lobbyist for the Chronic Addiction Substitution Treatment project until February. Just as interesting, the registry listed the principal client as "Sam Sullivan," on behalf of Project CAST, with an address at city hall."

John Reynolds?

The former Stockboy backer who morphed into Mr. Harper's Lotuslandian Campaign Chair is an expert on addiction?

Who knew.

btw - we have been informed that Ottawa's best blogger, Kady O'Malley, plans be at Thursday's Insite Hearing on The Hill. We're are very much hoping for a live blog session of the festivities.
And thanks so much, Mr. Wells, for starting the gc.ca swarm.....Oh, look, there goes one from the Privy Council right now......


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